OFSC trail permits of all types, Seasonal, Classic and multi day, are available on line only at Log on to the OFSC site and click the Permit button..

Snowmobile Trail Permit Information. Trail Permits are only valid when permanently affixed in the approved areas of the snowmobile, so that they are fully visible to a person standing 10 meters in front of the machine on its centerline (see graphic below).

Seasonal Permits*: $190 + $7.50 shipping and handling on or before November 1st. $220 from November 2nd to on or before December 1st. After December 1st, – $260. Plus $7.50 shipping and handling for on line purchases. 

Classic Permits*:      Before December 1st $150.00   AFTER December 1st $180.00 for the season and applies to snowmobiles of 1999 model year or older. Plus $7.50 shipping and handling for on line purchases.

*The Seasonal and Classic Permits expire May 31 of the season of purchase. The permits are valid only in the province of Ontario and may be used for the Ontario Federation Of Snowmobile Clubs Prescribed Trails.

Multi Day Permits: are $35.00 per day.  These permits can be purchased ONLINE ONLY and must be purchased prior to travel for the number of days required.