About District 4

Who we are

District Four of the OFSC unites the collective skill, experience and passion for snowmobiling that is found in 6 clubs.

  • The South Central Snowmobile Region consists of the snowmobile clubs of  Alliston, Dufferin, Georgina, Heart of Ontario Snowmobile Club, Hillsburgh and Orangeville, these combined make up District 4.
  • District Four has a combined fleet of ten groomers and a team of skilled operators that know how to make the best of the conditions that are unique to southern Ontario.
  • Mother Nature typically provides the region of the District 4 with 160cm of snow annually.

Knowhow. Experience. Dedication

The clubs of District Four have been building and maintaining snowmobile trails and providing community service for decades. Over the years the OFSC has recognized the clubs for their years of participating in organized snowmobiling in Ontario.

Orangeville Snowmobile Club 25 years
Dufferin Driftbusters 35 years
Alliston District Snowmobile Club 35 years
Hillsburgh SnowRoamers 40 years
Georgina Trail Riders 35 years
Heart of Ontario Snowmobile Club 40 years

Where we are

District 4 covers an area from the top of the GTA and Uxbridge to Highway 90 on the west of Lake Simcoe and Beaverton on the east side of the Lake and from Highway 25 in the west to Highway 35 in the east. The Six trail building clubs maintain about 750 km of trails through varied terrain ranging from open fields to forested areas and the Niagara Escarpment in the west. Trails also cross Lake Simcoe at the south end by Cook’s Bay, when ice conditions allow. The B103 TOPS trail is the only east – west link on the south side of Lake Simcoe.