When you become a provincial volunteer with the OFSC, you join a group of people with a similar passion for the growth and sustainability of organized snowmobiling in Ontario.

In support of our mission and vision, we are in search of volunteers with following characteristics:
  • Experience and knowledge of organized snowmobiling (local, regional and provincial)
  • Interest and commitment to actively participate in guiding OFSC operations.
  • Has high regard for the values of fairness, trust and respect, teamwork and delegation, inclusiveness, learning and self-improvement and open communications.
  • Leadership abilities to mentor and motivate others such as fellow Board members, staff and district-based stakeholders.
  • Strong communications skills, good organizational and time management skills.
  • Good knowledge of the provincial trail network and provincial OFSC programs.
Becoming a provincial volunteer with the OFSC will provide you with an opportunity to:
  • Serve in a provincial leadership role with the OFSC’s Executive and the other Directors on all aspects of strategic planning and development for the betterment of organized snowmobiling.
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment from ensuring that corporate OFSC meets its obligations and responsibilities; governing a non-profit organization in an efficient and effective manner and promoting a quality trail system, both provincially and locally.

To learn more about becoming a provincial volunteer with the OFSC, please contact us today.


Some volunteers from the Georgina Trail Riders hard at work!